Kulturhauptstadt 2018

Declaration for the Jury Reception on 4th of September 2013


The City of Aachen is very proud to be here today as a follower and supporter of the candidacy of Maastricht for ECoC 2018.

We offer as input our historical tradition and art treasures, our Charlemagne prize awarded since more than 60 years to constantly meritful and (of equal importance) to young personalities with great commitment for European integration. We offer as input Aachen’s young population with about 50.000 international students at our Universities and our living interest for music, dance, art, for fashion, design and the IT-access to all these forms of culture.

Aachen was in the past during the middle ages a sort of real political European capital. But this position is gone centuries ago. We are now a middle size urban center looking for new impacts of importance in Europe, and we find them precisely in science and culture, and to be more concrete: science and culture practiced with our regional partners. We are used since many years to invent culture in a border crossing and bottom up manner and we would like to do this on a more intense scale in the projects of VIA 2018. We approve the governance and we confirm our financial contribution.

We are today at the outcome of several years of preparation, of really hard work, which brought all of us already very closely together in a cordial relation. And we are eager to continue this commitment, above all if Maastricht is the winner. I am sure you will make a good choice.